I am a Real Estate Broker, but I started in the real estate industry as a mortgage loan officer in 1998. In my career in the financial world I learned how banks think, operate and make money in all areas of real estate. The knowledge I bring to the table when talking to my clients in my office, seminars and my radio show is very valuable. I love to teach my clients how to make money in Real Estate. I’ve been doing seminars for the past 16 years and had my radio show for the past 13 years and continue to be on the air to this day.

From buying, selling, investing and teaching my clients how to pay the property faster (mathematically no errors) to me it is both exciting and rewarding to see my clients get a solid Real Estate portfolio. The Real Estate Market is always changing and I focus on learning the new trends in order to provide the best up to date information to all who come to any of my seminars. Education and knowledge are the key to a better future.

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Posted by Flavio Jimenez RE on Wednesday, June 7, 2017